MKT 791
Marketing Models

Recommended Readings

Pricing, by Russell Winer, addresses a topic of longstanding interest to marketing strategists and scholars. His overview includes customer value and the price-setting decision, consumer response to price, pricing tactics, empirical research on price, and pricing on the Internet.

Service Quality, by Valarie Zeithaml and A. Parasuraman, offers a rigorous and accessible overview of service quality, discusses returns on service quality, and outlines emerging challenges of delivering service quality on the Internet.

Branding and Brand Equity, by Kevin Lane Keller, addresses an area of top management concern. His overview of the topic includes the conceptualization and measurement of brand equity, brand building, brand extensions, and brand strategies and alliances.

Sales Promotion, by Scott Neslin, explores how promotion affects sales and profits, types of sales promotions, and the interaction of advertising and promotion. Drawing on extensive academic research, Neslin offers a practical overview of why and how promotions work.

Shopper Marketing, by Venkatesh Shankar, provides a framework for understanding a new paradigm of customer purchase behavior. Defines shopper marketing, and offers research insights about shopper behavior, industry practices, and implications for manufacturers and retailers. Concludes with a discussion of important trends and research questions.

Innovation Diffusion and New Product Growth by Eitan Muller, Renana Peres, and Vijay Mahajan, develops a framework for understanding how diffusion occurs in today's markets. The book reviews classic and more recent diffusion models, and investigates the mechanisms that underlie new product growth with particular attention to current market trends such as information proliferation, globalization, competition, social networks, and growth in service markets.

Empirical Generalizations about Marketing Impact:  What We Have Learned from Academic Research, by Dominique M. Hanssens, collects general findings in 16 topic areas to summarize current knowledge about the impact of marketing spending at product and firm levels. The book includes empirical generalizations, evidence base, managerial implications, and references.

Social Networks and Marketing, by Christophe Van den Bulte and Stefan Wuyts, explores the business trends that are prompting managers to look into social network analysis, offers a conceptual "toolkit" of social network concepts, investigates "social capital"--the concept that particular positions in networks can confer particular benefits, and reviews research on consumer, intra-organizational, and inter-organizational networks.

Marketing Metrics and Financial Performance by Donald R. Lehmann and David J. Reibstein, describes the current drive to demonstrate the productivity of marketing investments, examines existing measures, develops a metrics value chain, and discusses the evidence for various links in that chain.

Consumer Insights:  Findings from Behavioral Research, edited by Joseph Alba, offers the latest findings on 42 research topics; each topic written by a leading expert in the field.  The book addresses a broad range of consumer phenomena, from variety seeking and brand recall to price biases and the effects of package size on consumption.