Marketing Models
Detailed Course Outline and Reading List

Customer Insight: Quality, Satisfaction, Trust, Intentions - April 1



Bolton, Ruth N. (2015), Service Excellence: Creating Customer Experiences That Build Relationships. [The target audience for this book is the busy executive who might spend 2-3 hours reading it. However, it may help you see how this week’s topics fit with the “Services” and “Managing Customer Relationships” topics. In addition, there are extensive references.]


Recent Contributions

Golder, Peter N., Debanjan Mitra and Christine Moorman (2012), "What is Quality?  An Integrative Framework of Processes and States," Journal of Marketing, 76(4), 1-23. 2012 Harold H. Maynard Award.


Smith, Amy K., Ruth N. Bolton and Janet Wagner (1999), "A Model of Customer Satisfaction with Service Encounters Involving Failure and Recovery," Journal of Marketing Research, 36 (3), 356-72.


Garbarino, Ellen and Mark S. Johnson, (2008), “The Different Roles of Satisfaction, Trust and Commitment in Customer Relationships,” Journal of Marketing, 63 (2), 2008 Sheth Foundation/JM Award.


Seiders, Kathleen, Glenn B. Voss, Dhruv Grewal and Andrea L. Godfrey (2005), "Do Satisfied Customers Buy More? Examining Moderating Influences in a Retailing Context," Journal of Marketing 69 (4), 26-43.


Inman J.J., J.S. Dyer, and J. M. Jia (1997), "A generalized utility model of disappointment and regret effects on post-choice valuation," Marketing Science, 16 (2), 97-111.

Optional (Historical Perspectives)

Text Chapter 3: Conjoint Analysis by Vithala R. Rao.

  1. What is the difference (in terms of construct definitions, measurement) between quality, satisfaction, commitment and a favorable attitude feeling) about the product?

  2. What are the antecedents and consequences of repeat purchase behavior? What relationships are well-established?  What relationships require further investigation?

  3. How is customer engagement different from the constructs in Q1? What are the (likely) antecedents and consequences of customer engagement? How would you research this issue? (Hint: you might look at the JSR special issue on the topic of engagement, especially:

    • Van Doorn, Jenny, et al (2010),"Customer engagement behavior: Theoretical foundations and research directions." Journal of Service Research 13 (3), 253-266.

    • Brodie, Roderick J., et al. (2011),"Customer engagement: conceptual domain, fundamental propositions, and implications for research." Journal of Service Research 14(3), 252-271.

  4. Compare the Seiders et al (2005) article with Mittal, Vikas and Wagner Kamakura (2001), "Satisfaction, Repurchase Intent, and Repurchase Behavior: Investigating the Moderating Effect of Customer Characteristics," Journal of Marketing Research, 38 (1).  2006 William F.  William F. O’Dell Award.