Marketing Models
Detailed Course Outline and Reading List

Historical Perspectives on Model Building - February 19th & 26th

No Class Sessions due to CSL Academic Meeting & AMA Winter Educatorsí Conference

You should be preparing your Literature Review due on Monday February 29, 9 am.

Readings Text Chapter 5: Econometric Models by Dominique M. Hanssens.

Text Chapter 7: Stochastic Models of Buyer Behavior by Peter S. Fader, Bruce G. S. Hardie and Subrata Sen.

Text Chapter 16: Sales Force Productivity by Murali K. Mantrala.

van Heerde, Harald J., Sachin Gupta and Dick R. Wittink (2003), "Is 75% of the Sales Promotion Bump Due to Brand Switching? No. Only 33% Is." Journal of Marketing Research, 40 (4), 481-91. 2008 William F. O'Dell Award.