Marketing Models
Detailed Course Outline and Reading List

New Product Growth and Innovation - January 22


Historical Perspectives

Text Chapter 4: Innovation Diffusion by Eitan Muller


Text Chapter 13: New Products Research by Donald R. Lehmann and Peter N. Golder.


Vijay Mahajan, Eitan Muller, and Frank M. Bass (1990), “New Product Diffusion Models in Marketing: A Review and Directions for Research,” Journal of Marketing, 54 (1), 1-26. Harold H. Maynard Award (1990).


Sultan, Fareena, John U. Farley and Donald R. Lehmann (1990), “A Meta-Analysis of Applications of Diffusion Models,” Journal of Marketing Research, 27 (1), 70-77. William F. O’Dell Award (1995)

Recent Contributions

Biyalogorsky, Eyal, William Boulding, and Richard Staelin (2006), "Stuck in the Past: Why Managers Persist with New Product Failures," Journal of Marketing, April 2006 Vol.70, Harold H Maynard Award (2006).

Godes, David, and José C. Silva (2012), "Sequential and temporal dynamics of online opinion." Marketing Science 31.3(2012): 448-473. John D. C. Little Award (2012)

Trusov, Michael, Anand V. Bodapati, and Randolph E. Bucklin (2010), "Determining influential users in internet social networks," Journal of Marketing Research 47 (4), 643-658. William F. O’Dell Award (2015).

  1. Innovation and diffusion of innovation is a “classic” topic in marketing which has recently been re-invigorated due to the widespread use of social media. What are the opportunities for a new research study to make a contribution?  What are some key focal constructs that you might study/model?

  2. Innovation and new product diffusion in B2B and B2C environments are typically quite different.  What does this observation suggest regarding a research program?

  3. Most prior research has focused on radical incremental innovations in markets for goods, not services. However, managers are increasingly interested in service innovations (including innovations in processes and business models.  Propose a study that could make a contribution in this area. What are some key focal constructs that you might study/model?